The Swindlehursts and Viking DNA

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The authors of this book (the leaders of the DNA research project) wrote this letter to those Swindlehursts and other volunteers who provided DNA samples for the study:
On Thursday 10th February 2011 there was a live broadcast by BBC Radio Lancashire (also carried by Radio Manchester?) between 1400hrs and 1500hrs on the John Gillmore programme about the invasion of North-west England by Norwegian Vikings in the early 900sAD and the signs of their presence in the Swindlehurst blood-line. In the studio were Professor Steve Harding, of Nottingham University, who led the DNA studies referred to below, and David Swindlehurst, carrier of Norwegian blood-line and physiological characteristics, and webmaster of the Swindlehurst family website. To listen to an edited recording of the programme, with the non-Viking and non-Swindlehurst stuff removed, click here
The DNA Project is being driven by Steve Harding, Professor of Applied Biochemistry at Nottingham University, and one of the authors of the book. The Project was originally stimulated by his interest in his own origin in the North-west and the many associations with Viking names and local traditional beliefs about a Viking presence. His blog, a treasure trove of information about these matters, can be found here.
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