Some Swindlehursts in Chipping

[This document, which is in good condition, was translated from the original Latin and published by Chris Spencer on 28th October 2014.]

Grant given at Chipin on feast of the Invention of the Holy Cross 6th Edward IV {3 May 1466}.

Know all men present and future that I, Geoffrey Surrays of Chipin have given, granted and by this my present charter confirmed to John Swynilhyrst son of the late William Swynilhyrst the elder, a parcel ['placeam'] of land with the houses built thereupon in Chipin and 1a of land with the appurtenances as the same lies in length and breadth beginning at Qwyt-lesike at the north ['aquilone'] following the Sike as far as the boundary of Dobholme and so the middle of the rivulet of Chipinbroke, following Chipinbroke as far as Siketu', following Siletu' [sic] as far as Batsongrene, from Robybonke which falls into Chipinbroke. To have and to hold the said parcel of land with the houses built thereon and 1a of land with their appurtenances to the afsd John Swynilhyrst, his heirs and assigns, of me, my heirs and assigns, by the services due in respect thereof and of right accustomed, freely, quietly and hereditarily together and in peace, with all commons, easements, libertiesto the said lands belonging within the township of Chipin .... paying in respect thereof to me and my heirs at the Assumption of the Blessed Mary one peppercorn if demanded for all services and demands to me and my heirs belonging, and to the chief lord of that fee the services due and accustomed yearly. And I truly the afsd Geoffrey and my heirs all the afsd land with the appurtenances to the afsd John, his heirs and assigns, for the afsd service, will warrant and forever defend against all me .... in witness whereof I have to this my present charter set my seal, these being witnesses: Robert Bradlay, Thomas Bradlay, John Stertivant, Wm Alston, Edmund Swynilhirst, Robert Swynilhyrst, Giles Chapmon, and many others.