The historical records identified so far have been placed in the files shown below. The records have been grouped into separate files of approximately equal size to try to make them easier to handle, although inevitably there will be overlaps, such as birth and death dates of an individual being in different files. The file name consists only of the start and end dates of the records contained. Issue date and number are shown at the head of each individual file. The files cover the UK records only. See separate BMD documents for our pre 1900 non-UK families - Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.

Maroon coloured families are of researched branches and as indicated by 2 letters at the right of the parent or parents - for example '1823: RICHARD SWINDLEHURST & ANN WHITAKER (Dy)' - a family of Dy's branch. The Central Branch [CB] has involved many researchers. Some of their direct lines are marked accordingly - for example '1819: WILLIAM SWINDLEHURST & ISABELLA COMPSTONE/CUMPSTONE [CB] (Ch)' - foreparents of Chris (Ch) in the Central Branch. These records are marked off in the BMD documents

Green (Teal) colouring is for likely and possible family placements. As such, some of them will be repositioned as the research continues These are also marked off in the BMD documents.

Olive coloured text is additional information.

Black text is for Census records and research/BMD record placements required.

(Please note: these files, previously held in .rtf format, are now presented as .pdf files, so that they can be opened on any platform, from any manufacturer, on any model of computer, tablet or mobile telephone, by using the Adobe Reader. The Reader can be downloaded from here for your specific equipment).

The BMD files

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The Family Tree files

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The Families Index file is in 2 sections- 1420-1900 and 1901-1950. Details on each family can be seen in our family tree files under the same headers. Any living descendant will have parental ancestors shown here. Any so far known line and branch can be found by following the information supplied in brackets under each parental header. Some of our later generations can be seen in the family tree details.
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