Amendment Record

7th April 2019 Addition of photographs to the "We lived here" page.
17th March 2019 Correction of dating information and general update
14th April 2016 2016 update of data files and family tree files.
25th January 2016 Re-coding and revision of all pages, plus addition of further information.
26th May 2015 Revised presentation of all files, to improve appearance, and repair of broken links.
27th April 2015 Modification of data files to .pdf standard to improve accessibility from a widening range of web-related devices.
11th November 2014 Change of BMD and FT files to .rtf standard from .docx standard (to facilitate users' needs). Addition of 2 new files extending the early records, and a Families Index.
28th February 2014 Addition of biographies of Swindlehursts in Montana.
24th February 2014 Addition of the story of our family Olympian.
22nd February 2014 Addition of the story of our family Suffragette.
19th February 2014 A major re-coding of the pages, including updating to html5/css3, and uploading of current database records.
2nd March 2013 Addition of more info about the KOTRD and the unveiling of a plaque in his memory.
21st October 2012 Addition of the story of Thomas Swindlehurst - King of the Reformed Drunkards - from Keith Atkinson.
15th October 2012 Addition of Issue 4 of the Database files. The associated Ind files are not yet available (Issue 3 has been deleted, as no longer appropriate).
4th September 2012 Page re-design commenced
25th March 2012 (At last!) Pix of Radholme Laund, yet another former Swindlehurst home, added, although the present house may post-date our occupation.
14th March 2012 Addition of Facebook page info.
20th February 2012 Upload of Issue 3 of the Data files
16th February 2012 Addition of a poem from 1850s Glasgow which depicts the family name in an uncomplimentary light.