The Manchester Evening News in the early 1900's stated that in 1605 a Mr. Swinglehurst of Chipping visiting Manchester lost his wife and three children in the Plague. The record of this happening is in the Old Collegiate Church, Manchester.

In 1597 a mariner by the name of William Swinglehurst died at Hull and left a Will. In 1588 the British had been engaged in the defeat of the Spanish Armada and there were continuing sea battles against the Spaniards and French. As we have yet to find anyone with this name who was not connected with Bowland this deserves further investigation. (Ref. Will in York Registry Vol 26, folio 571). Will obtained 1989. It gives no reference to Bowland. He bequeathed to the poor people of Trinity Ward in Kingstone upon Hull 12 pence and to Hellin Shiplai, a poor wench his late wife's petticoats and hose. The rest of his money and chattels he bequeathed to Dionesse Crabbe, a single woman of Kingstone upon Hull.

John William Swinglehurst in his research in the early 1900's says he came across evidence of Swinglehursts being deported to the Colonies in the early 1600's presumably because of Royalist or Catholic sympathies. It is said that the evidence is at Preston Record Office.

John William Swinglehurst left a note to the effect that a branch of the family found their way from Bolton by Bowland area to Westmorland where they are said to have made a fortune making Gunpowder. The gunpowder works lies in the valley of the River Kent, near Levens.

Henry Swinglehurst of Hincaster House in Hincaster north of Milnthorpe, is said to have been the Consul in Valparaiso, Peru in the 1840's. His wife and two children sailed round Cape Horn in a sailing ship in 1850 to join him. Two more children were born in Peru and the family returned to live at Hincaster. Henry came from Appleby in Westmorland but is believed to have been born in Bolton. He died in 1890 and the family grave is at Heversham Church, just north of Milnthorpe. The last surviving daughter died in the 1920's.

(BLACKBURN GRAMMAR SCHOOL ANNALS) John Swinlehurst Gent. Master of the said school. Aug 9th 1641 and died in November 1655

JOSEPH EAVES SWINDLEHURST & ELIZABETH ISABELLA ARTIS. Joseph was the son of Samuel Swindlehurst & Mary Eaves married 1851 Preston. [Elizabeth born 1859 Portsmouth, Hampshire]. Joseph & Elizabeth married 1884 Barrow In Furness. Joseph was or became the Borough Surveyor for Burton-Upon-Tent, as in:
"Burton-upon-Trent: Public services', A History of the County of Stafford: Volume 9: Burton-upon-Trent (2003), pp. 97-107. During a scarlet fever epidemic in 1885, the corporation converted the infirmary of the recently-closed poor-law union workhouse in Horninglow Street to an isolation hospital. The workhouse site was sold in 1891, and later the same year the corporation opened an isolation hospital at Outwoods, just outside the borough boundary in Horninglow. A temporary building was replaced by the surviving brick building with stone dressings, designed by the borough surveyor, J.E. Swindlehurst, and opened in 1894. There is also a pavilion dated 1894. The hospital was used for tubercular cases from 1912".
The children of the union were:

The family of John Swinglehurst - owner of the Swinglehurst sprigged jug.
JOHES (JOHANNIS)(son of ?) SWINGLEHURST & ELIZABETH PARKER married 7 Aug 1727 Gisburn, Yorks. The children of this marriage:

One or more of the following children may also be of this family or another John marriage 1765: FAMILY OF JOHN PARKER SWINGLEHURST & MARY JACKSON Burial: 21 Mar 1783 St Mary, Newchurch in Pendle, Lancashire, England. John Parker Swinglehirst - Abode: Barrowford Occupation: Gentleman Buried by: W Burton Curate

c1788: JOHN SWINGLEHURST & ISOBELLA SPENCER (SPENSER) (John son of John Swinglehurst & Mary Jackson married 1765) John (a Gentleman) & Isobella's marriage record c1788 yet to be found (John married again and to Elizabeth (Parker?) c1800).
Child: Mary Spencer Swindlehurst. Birth record yet to be found Married Christopher Grimshaw, a Cotton Manufacturer of Colne, 4 May 1824 St Bartholomew, Colne, Lancs.

(From research by the Grimshaw family) Christopher Grimshaw, {born 20 Mar 1801, died 28 July 1865} married Mary, {only daughter and heiress of John Swinglehurst, of Park Hill in Barrowford, died 18 July 1841 without issue}

c1800: JOHN SWINGLEHURST & ELIZABETH (PARKER?) [John born 1766 son of John Parker Swinglehurst & Mary Jackson married 1765 Colne, Lancs.]
John (a Gentleman) & Elizabeth's marriage record yet to be found. Abode: Park Hill Barrowford (John previously married Isobella Spencer c1788). Children unlikely so his surnamed line probably ended with his death. Note. There is a record to suggest John married a third time:
Pilgrim & Badgery of Colne, Solicitors, BARROWFORD. John Swinglehurst of Parkhill, esq Bond of indemnity 15 Feb 1812. Susan Bolton of Colne, widow, to John Swinglehurst - property in Higham, Whitley and Barley Booths. John died 1830 aged 64. Burial 13 Aug 1830 St Mary, Newchurch in Pendle, Lancs.


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