Swindlehursts recorded in Clitheroe Court Rolls.

Vo1.1 352 042 C2
Tenants and Freeholders of the Honor of Cliderow A.D.1443. Duchy of Lancaster inquisitions, post mortem Vo1.1 No.51 Attornment taken before Richard, Earl of Sarum, and Thomas Urswyk.

Tenants of the Forest inter alia John Swynlehirst Tenant at Will William Swynlehirst Tenant at Will Nicholas Swynlehirst Tenant at Will

Court Roll 19
Halmote Court held at Cliderow 24 May 1504 before Thomas Earl of Derby. Steward. To this Halmote came John Milne, Grace of Chatburn and surrendered into the hands of the King, two acres of land with appurtenances in Chatburn to the use of Richard Swynelhurst. Admittance granted. Fine Viijd. [ 8d.]

Halmote Court held at Cliderow on Monday 27 August 1515. Thomas Dowson surrendered half a rood in Chatborne called Chatborne Flote which John Chatborne delivered to him to the use of Thomas Altham, John Swynlehirst, Robert ffole and John Midilbroke. Fine upon admittance ijd. [ 2d.]

Halmote Court held at Cliderow on Monday 14 July 1522. The Jury present from Chatburne that John Preston iijd. [3d.], John Banks iijd.[3d.], Robert Swynlehirst iijd [3d.] are suitors at this Court and do make default.

Halmote Court held at Cliderowe 14 March 1524. That Robert Swynleshirst iiijd [4d.] did do suit of Court.

Manor of Chatburn, Worston and Pendleton. Halmot held at Cliderow Castle Henry VIII 3 June 1538. To that Halmote came John Hyrd a tenant of the King and surrendered two acres of land lying in Bold Croke within the town of Chatburne, which Robert Swyndylyrst delivered to him, to the use of John Swyndylyrst of "le ffolde". John Swyndylyrst jun., son of the said John Swyndylyrst sen., and Elizabeth wife of the said Robert. Admittance granted, fine viijd. [8d.]. The intent declares that the above named shall be fined and seized of the said premises to the use of the said Elizabeth for the term of her life remaining to John Swyndylyrst the elder and John Swyndylyrst the younger for the term of their lives with remainder to their right heirs for ever.

Halmote held at Clidrowe Castle on Saturday 23 June 1554 before Sir Thomas Talbott Knight Chief Steward,
John Swindylyrst of the ffolde by the Grease. surrendered i i [ 2 ] acres of land lying within Bold Croke within the township of Chartburne to the use of Thomas Hodgeson senior and Thomas Hodgeson jun. and their heirs seizing occupation of the premises for the life of the said John immediately after the death of Elizabeth widow of Robert Swyndelyrst. Fine upon admittance viijd. [8d.]

Halmote Court held at Clitherowe Castle June 10 VIII Elizabeth 1566. Robert Swindlehurst and others for cutting certain holly branches at Chatburn Cowe Pastur and made waste thereof. Fine upon admittance viijd. [8d.]

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